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Bobbie Richardson Author/Illustrator

Born in New Zealand, in a small country suburb called Kaiapoi.

Bobbie Richardson is a spiritual author, channeller, creator and visionary, many of her creations including books, art, recorded music, productions and presentations, are inspired by wisdom received via her *visions and preminition dreams, while searching for the truth of human potential.

*(I would like to make it clear that visions to Bobbie are as real as real life they are not in her mind only, this ability was past down through generations.)

In 2006 she meet a Cherokee Elder Pa’Ris’Ha who confirmed with Bobbie’s messages and premonition dreams that humanity was under the control of a few.  Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha asked Bobbie to work with her and so for the next few years showing her many new potentials that humanity could explore. Talks were created and Bobbie went to USA, Ohio to learn more. The knowledge gained, helped fine tune her gifts of exploring other dimensions and seeing into other realms on why humanity isn’t at there potential.

In 2011 Bobbie was invited with David Icke to Uluru.

In 2013 Bobbie created workshops to enhance and allow children to explore their intuition.  These workshops also included exercises that explored working in unity and learning the value of oneself.

In 2016 Bobbie presented her first talks Messages Given To Me – The True History Of Humanity and Messages Given To Me  – Human Potentail

In 2017 Bobbie Book Jonar & Kitty was published with A&A Publishing.

2017 promotional Push with over 20 magazines, papers interviews with radio and TV appearances.

Bobbie Richardson is not only the author but also creates all of the illustrations herself either via photography, Photoshop, drawings or paintings she is also a singer songwriter and has recorded and sung 15 originals winning a competition with Brisbane radio station B105 and Channel Seven “Today Tonight” by performing her original song on TV, with Brisbane Qld, Australia voting her the winner. This lead to perform her song at a Bronco’s Game in front of over 20,000 people.

Author Children's new age books

Children’s new age Author Bobbie Richardson

Bobbie Richardson New age author illustrator of children’s books. Bobbie has written, illustrated and published “Imagine Holding Hands” a book created to develop children’s imagination and bring new energy to Earth. Also in the writing stage is a new novel called “Jonar & Kitty” an inter-dimensional journey of self empowerment and self discovery to join to worlds. Bobbie Richardson is also a visionary and has over the years gathered many messages about the potential of humans. She has brought this wisdom into her children’s new age books workshops that she has developed for the kids.

Bobbie has 3 delightful girls with the eldest is 25 and now creating her own reality as a scientist.

Bobbie is also a public speaker of the truth – please contact invisionme@live.com.au

” Our reality is a direct reflection of our inner self ”