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Work in progress and ideas – by Bobbie Richardson


A collection of Internet posts, Oh how the times have changed, or have they?

Maybe it’s just that the truth is coming out because people are adding their reality to the mix. Well here’s mine, internet posts, conversational gems, snippets of clarity.

A single person with strong beliefs will not gain momentum in reality unless the majority of the global consciousness agrees, this is why so many of us fight to have followers, but I’d rather lead by example with my own passion, creating a world I want and if you’d like to come.

Ideas for Chapter Titles
Natural Health Ideas
World Agendas and the Political Game
Our Educational System
Sex and Our Relationships
The Funny Side
Out of the Box



Memoirs Of A Girl Who’s Seen More.

UFO Tree

Some are born to be programmed and others like myself are here to create new realities, to escape the program and find a way home.

This book is neither a non-fiction nor fictitious book as I don’t feel this is relevant. Actually this book is about changing the program, not compartmentalising and categorizing things to enforce the program we are looking to escape. It is about giving the writer and the reader the freedom to ask the questions, ‘What if,” as it is only in the questions that we expand our horizons, see past the programs and explore new concepts of living. Also it isn’t religious, spiritual or scientific but in my quest for the truth these subjects all have a say. Most important this book is based on my perception in 2016 and what I have been lead to in my 48 years of finding the truth?