Do You Listen To Your Kids

When my child was two years old and started to talk, I noticed she had a stutter, she would start to say something and then jump into repeating the word several times. I was worried and wondered why her out of all of my children did she start to stutter.

At the time I was working with a Cherokee Elder and asked her what she thought, her reply was, “Are you listening to her,” I suddenly realized with my busy lifestyle, and looking after up to 4 children at the time, I hadn’t given her the time needed to really sit and listen.

I put down my work and really started to listen to her, not drawing attention to her stutter but actually ignoring it and within one month she had stopped. After a while I realised this little girl had some very profound things to say.

“I know where we go when we die, Mummy. Its a place called Anyon, it’s where everything is everything, we live in our minds but we also live in Anyon as well. You can look it up but you have to thank me for this one.”

Anyon is a particle at the time just found by scientists that resided in 2 different dimension. You can imagine my surprise.


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