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What is Bobbie Richardson up to now…

March 2020 Talk live on air


Spaced Out Radio, online chat via Skype 24th July 2019 9pm Canada or 25th 2pm Australia time. Stay tuned for more info.

Topics covered

Messages from Benevolent Beings  –  How we can create the reality we want  –  Different beings from Interdimensional to extraterrestrials.

Podcast with Karen Swain

February 14th 2019 with KAren Swain of Deliberate Creation. A chat to share messages given to me for all to hear, by interdimensional and extra-terrestrial beings, about our ET history, our potential and where we can go from here.

On Stage Interview at The Paradigm Shift Summit Sep 2018


Bobbie Richardson interviewed by Anthony O’Flynn that will open your mind to new possibilities.on 8th Sep – 10th September 2018

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Spaced Out Radio – Canada

Online chat radio March 2018  stay tuned for more info.

Bobbie will be chatting about her experience around messages given to her by other beings and her precognitive dreams, involving topics such as ‘Human Potentail’ and ‘The True History Of Humans.’

Talk – Human Potential

Messages Given To Me by Bobbie Richardson

Public · Hosted by UFO/ Paranormal Group Sunshine CoastTuesday, February 6 at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM  co-cre8 shop 1/2a Ormuz Ave, Caloundra, Queensland 4551

 Find out messages given to Bobbie to unlock our greatest potential from the inside and take our power back, including what she calls the 3Ts Telepathic, Telekinesis and Teleporting.

Talk – True History Of Humanity

Messages Given To Me by Bobbie Richardson


A skywatch on Thursday 21.12.17.

Join us for a summer solstice celebration featuring insightful presentations, meditations, the potential for contact, sound healing and connection to your galactic tribe as we look to the stars for inspiration and cosmic integration.

Special guest – Bobbie Richardson

The evening will begin with a introductory seminar by Bobbie Richardson about her inter-dimensional experiences and other worldly visitors that taught her about human potential and our history.



Podcast October – I Am Woman with Catherine Plano

Interview with Rick Whittle on ABC Qld Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Interview with Sharina Star on Talking Lifestyle Radio Sunday 24th September 2017 around 10 – 10:30pm

Up Coming interviews about my new book “Jonar & Kitty – The Timekeepers Void” on Auroa TV, Foxtel and New Zealand with ‘On The Couch ‘  Late 2017

20th September 2017 4CA Radio Interview with Laurie Atlas 10.30am Qld time.

September 2017 Nova Article – Australias Holistic Journal  Honouring The Spiritual In Our Children

September 2017 Bub Hub Article  4 Reasons To Nourish Your Child’s Imagination

Article in The Pensular Kids 2017

People Voice Magazine Article


Book signing at the MAD Maleny Art Direct Gallery Main Street Maleny

Maleny Art Direct Building


Bobbie Art Exhibition 2016

Bobbie’s Art will be displayed from 24th June 2016 at The Old Bank, Main Street in Maleny across the road from Rosettas Book Store, all welcome, the food is great, Elemental Graphic Art and Animals Pen Drawings.

The Old Bank Logo
The Old Bank My Art 3

Bobbies Art will be displayed at The Lift Gallery, Montville Road April-June 2016.

Writeup from the Range News Aug 2015 on Jonar & Kitty Book

Writeup from the Range News Aug 2015

Range News August 2015

I was very surprised with this amazing write-up thank you Range News and Jessica McKenzie, she wrote much of what I was saying even though it wasn’t a topic usually talked about.


Sage Magazine Aug 2015

Write up in Sage Magazine Aug 2015

Write up in Sage Magazine Aug 2015

Book Launch and Art Exhibition 2015

Elphny Poster Book Launch

Violet Vibes Magazine Articles

Violet Vibes magazine September 2011 cover

Violet Vibes Magazine Front Cover and inside article by Bobbie Richardson

Vibes Magazine Article Violet Vibes Magazine

Another Violet Vibes Article