Its All About Creating

We have all been programmed to think that we have to follow the rules, but what if we can create ourselves out of the rules. What if the universe bends for you when you believe you can create anything.

I have put this to the test and found myself gob smacked…amazed at what happened.

One day while camping I took a walk over the river to clear my head and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding me. While walking, I had a thought, I had been working over the last few years to still my mind and had now mastered the ability to still it for moments at a time. My journey had taken me down a rabbit hole of immense possibility, that anything was possible and that we were indeed creating our reality with every thought, belief and reaction towards our reality. So in knowing this I decided this beautiful day to put this through a true test.

I sat down on a vast hillside of grass, closed my eyes and focused my thoughts to only the knowing that ‘I will pick a four leaf clover’, then I stilled my mind for enough time to create a reality in my head of nothingness, pure stillness, a place where nothing existed which in contrast also meant everything within my imagination could exist. I picked a blade of grass with my eyes still closed then opened my eyes… When I opened them I was holding one four leaf clover. This was a huge turning point for me as I truly realised we are indeed creating our reality all the time


The camping site I found a four leaf clover and empowered myself. Photography Bobbie Richardson


Nothing was the same for me since that day, it was the beginning of a whole new approach to life, I could no longer be a victim to life, as I was in control…but then I had to release many programs/beliefs that didn’t serve me, now this was another step in my own personal evolution.

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