The Energy is Ramping Up

9th May 2016

The new energies are facing us off with the things we no longer desire as they are so confronting we will have to find stillness to overcome them. If you find you are standing up for yourself more, all the better but always bring yourself to a calm state as soon as you can, clear the story and move towards what your desired outcome is.

If you haven’t noticed the clearer we become the easier it is to stand up for one self, because our power comes from our training of our thoughts and bringing them back to stillness as much as posible…this is exactly how we the people will slowly turn this reality around and not be brainwashed or programmed anymore.

For those that cannot find stillness within and realign themselves with their desires, they will be faced off with the same problems and could even fuel these problems until they have had enough.

This is all part of the big shift, it effects all life, but most life doesn’t have to contend with the mind games humanity has placed on itself.

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