What Is Your Child’s Animal Guide

Whale Ride

Finding out about a child’s shamanic animal guide is also a good way to help a child find out what their purpose is and when they have a greater sense of this they become more focused on what they want to be when they are older, most teenagers become lost because they don’t feel they have a place in this reality, knowing themselves and their energy can help.

Animal guides can change or come and go as a child grows but their is usually one animal guide that follows a child through till the end of life and this can indeed help a parent understand the energy of their child.

Dreams can help immensely if you listen to a child’s dreams and their is a prominent animal returning, I found asking my children what they dreamt about from an early age was a great way for them to connect to their subconscious and for me to find out a little more about where they are energetically in life.

One of my daughters first dreams was of an animal guide, she came running into my room saying a bear was in her room at the age of 2, later in life she had many dreams of bears and one that stood out was of a clan of bears coming to her and saying that she was indeed part of their family. Remember a child may love a cat or a dog but it’s their dreams I find that tell a bigger picture as this daughter also loved cats but this seemed to be more of her way to fit in with her peers rather then the truth of her animal guide.

Young children also often act as an animal, a daughter of mine use to either be a dog or a wolf every morning at the breakfast table until she was about four years old, that coupled with her dreams of running with wolves helped us realise her animal guide was indeed a wolf.

Their are meditations that can help but as young children are still learning to still their minds, they may just say an animal that they think is a nice animal rather then the truth so I would prefer to listen to their dreams unless the child is very connected and can meditate easily.

If you do find out your childs shamanic anima here is a site that lists many animal guides and their meanings


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